Vehicle Inspection

At Driven Cars we build a culture of putting ourselves in the customer seat and thinking as if each vehicle was our own purchase. Would we be ok with what we see? 

Every vehicle that enters our shop goes through a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process to ensure your vehicle is ready for the road ahead. If the vehicle doesn’t meet or exceed our standards, we won’t sell it. This gives you peace of mind in the purchase of a vehicle from us.

While some vehicles may still have a few scratches to them, we replace any egregious dents or damage. If there’s a mechanical concern, our technicians review the concerns and identify if there is a safe fix or replacement. If so, the work is completed. If not, the vehicle will not pass our reconditioning standards and will not appear online for sale.

Vehicle Inspection

Our Standards

Each inspection point must meet a specific standard in order to make it through our reconditioning process. Want to know about your vehicle reconditioning report? Just let us know and we’ll be happy to share details regarding the work. 

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